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Our Story

Offered by cross-cultural Tauiwi facilitators based in Otepoti (Dunedin).We have worked as facilitators since the 1980’s and are skilled and experienced Treaty of Waitangi educators

In 1990 we also pioneered decolonisation work for Pakeha and other Tauiwi peoples under the name Beams & Specks Workshops. These decolonisation workshops focused on exploring how issues of colonisation affected Pakeha and other Tauiwi in the present, and how we learn from this to fashion a new and positive response to life in Aotearoa/NZ in the 21st Century.

Over the past 25 years we have worked closely with tangata whenua who have generously shared their knowledge and wisdom with us - in particular we acknowledge the many Maori women who have provided us with many tools and who continue to support and guide us in our learning.

We have a commitment to nation building and believe that everyone needs to find their own place to stand.

Since the 1980’s we have done treaty work around the country with:-

  • Church groups
  • District Health Board management
  • Territorial Authorities
  • Health workers
  • Peace and Justice groups
  • Kura Kaupapa Parents
  • School Boards of Trustees and staff
  • University Students
  • Women’s organisations
  • Ethnic Communities

Our facilitators have worked in the Pacific, Europe, Asia and the Americas. They have spoken at conferences and run workshops in the Philippines, Fiji, Australia, USA, Great Britain, Portugal, Bougainville, Venezuela, Kanaky/New Caledonia, Tahiti and Hawaii'

We believe it is important to support people to work constructively and are happy to tailor our work to meet your needs.

We also offer facilitation to groups who may need the support of outside facilitation for various reasons.