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Beams & Specks Workshops - Tools for the Third Millennium

Beams & Specks - when you open the curtains and let in the beams of sunlight, You see all the specks of dust that were always there but not able to be seen.

Workshops will:

Allow Tauiwi (non Maori) to learn about the historical context within which the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.

Look at the contradictions and confusions arising from the two different version of the Treaty.

Create the space for dialogue about the historical background and relevance and implications for us today.

Use a variety of media and learning tools to help people explore what their stake is if the Treaty of Waitangi is to be honoured.

We offer workshops focused on:

  • The Treaty of Waitangi
  • Building a future together with tangata whenua
  • Working cross-culturally in a multi-cultural land
  • Things I should know as a New Zealander - for new immigrants

Our workshops are run by cross cultural facilitators

Our workshops will be tailored to meet your needs:

We are able to fashion a workshop that will suit your organisation and fit with your timetable

  • Two day live-in workshop
  • One day workshop 9am - 4pm
  • Weekend workshop (not live-in)

Comments from past workshop participants:

“I was able at last to, understand the Te Tiriti o Waitangi. It was a different type of workshop than I expected. It gave me lots of food for thought.”

“I have been to many workshops on Te Tiriti as they have evolved, but this was the one from which I learned the most; or was able to receive the most. I particularly appreciated the way you did not require a response, nor have us act out anything for which we were not ready. Instead, the approach was generous, quiet and receptive throughout. What a privilege.”

“A very interesting and informative day with two interesting presenters. Friendly and relaxing.”

“What good presenters! Everything was so much easier to understand. I enjoyed the general discussion, the video, the whole day really.”

Workshop fees:

  • Cost to community groups
  • Consultancy rates for Government Departments and Businesses and
  • Reduced consultancy rates for Boards of Trustees and Educational institutions